My Story...

     I came to Yoga after several years of dedicated meditation practice and study. Yoga seemed a natural “next right step” for me as a way to enhance my meditation and dive deeper into a full practice. Anusara Yoga, with its Heart-centered approach, felt like a good fit. I took the Anusara Teacher Training Program at the World Yoga Center in Manhattan where I continue to teach and further my training.  

     My classes are nurturing and full of love with the clear intention to transmit the true power of Yoga that comes from connecting to that bliss-filled space of the Heart. I continually strive to serve the highest in each of my students, no matter where they are in their own Yoga practice. I love beginners, and welcome any and all interested persons to my classes or to study with me privately.

      I offer my sincere thanks to all my teachers, especially Rudrani Farbman Brown, Jackie Prete, and Julia Pearring, who continue to guide me, and especially to all the students I encounter who inspire me everyday with their heartfelt desire to practice Yoga.